NiMBLE IT's Cloud Computing allows accessing a fully integrated corporate grade computing system without the need for on-site servers and infrastructure. For a monthly fee all required applications can be accessed from anywhere and on any device (Smart Phone, Tablet, iPad, Android).

Backups, Updates, Maintenance and Data Security is included allowing Businesses to focus on what matters - Your Business

myCloud login is accessed by clicking on the myCloud link.

Common Questions

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is simply a way of providing your business with business applications or an IT infrastructure via the internet.

You get all the benefits of the latest technologies, only without the associated headaches of traditional IT ownership like upgrades, maintaining hardware, backups, disaster recovery plans

Who is it for?

Essentially any business that has grown to a point where they need professional infrastructure such as servers, backup devices and the flexibility to grow further.

Can I work from Home?

The Cloud solution allows you to work from any location with an Internet connection and also on any device.  So you can access your business applications on your smart phone, tablet, home computer or a hotel network when travelling.

What About Security?

All communication is encrypted to the same level as Bank security using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

Further layers of security are provided and can be explained in detail.


The Hosted Environment provides a full IT solution on corporate grade computer systems, using cloud technology, at a fraction of the price of traditional systems.

Compared to the costs of building equivalent local infrastructure of the same quality, the hosted environment provides a very flexible and cost effective solution.

This is particularly relevant if you are looking at upgrading your computer system and don’t want to install and maintain the latest versions of programs. For accounting programs this means always being on the the correct version including current tax tables.

The below list summarises the features. Pricing is based on per user per month and is ideal from at least 3 users to 50 users.


  • Give employees freedom to work from home and stay productive, no matter where they are
  • Maintain security and control by keeping confidential business information secure
  • Boost Productivity while improving employee satisfaction and retention
  • Accounting Software loaded as requested
  • (MYOB, Quickbooks, Quicken, Agrimaster, CGT and many more)
  • MS Office, including email
  • Hosting of your own Software
  • Maintained up to date software
  • Access from any location
  • Access from any device
  • Share your data with Business partners
  • Backups included
  • Anti-Virus, SPAM and security included
  • Full Disaster Recovery included

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What We Use

Technology Suppliers

Utilising only tier one quality suppliers.